Never in my life did I look in the mirror and thought that I’m pretty. Never. And that’s a shame. Why? Because I shouldn’t think of myself that I’m ugly, that I don’t look good enough. Nobody should.
When I walked into a room, I started comparing myself with other girls. She has silkier hair, the other has long legs, the third one has a more beautiful smile, and oh…look at that girl! She’s perfect. Has a beautiful face with a killer body. And than here I am.
Everytime I did compare myself to these girls, every damn time, I lost. Never thought that it’s me who looks better.
But than something happened. I met with this guy. He was charming, kind, and said all the right things. And guess what. He meant it.
He said i was beautiful. I didn’t believe it at first. Why would I? There are so many boys who say pretty words just to get you. So how I know he meant it? Because of the way he looked at me. He looked at me as I was the most beautiful creature in this world, like I was the eighth wonder. He’s told me every single day that I’m an amazing human, beautiful in and out. And slowly I started questioning my reflection in the mirror. How can he see me just the opposite as I see myself?
Than I started beliveing him. Yeah, it took a long time to be honest. But he waited patiently for me to realize that I’m beautiful. He saw all of my imperfections, all of it, and he said that I’m perfect because of them. While the only thing I ever saw was them, and I concentrated only on them. And that was a mistake. He was the one who made me realize that.
He gave me the confidence that I always wanted. He was the one who pulled me out of my self-hate. He still is.
One question left: Why did I wait for the right guy to make me feel gorgeous? Why did I need a man to make me confident?
Because it shouldn’t be them who says how you look. Even if they say you look pretty, or that you look ugly. Because they say that too, and that’s what makes you to lack in confidence.
I will always be grateful for this boy. I will always love him.
But I should saw myself as I am, a pretty girl, before he came into my life. You should too. You are beautiful. Believe it, you are. No matter what color your skin is, or how much you weigh. Do not compare yourself to others. Everybody beautiful on their own way. Don’t wait for a boy to see it. The right one will. And eventually, he will make you feel the prettiest, but you should feel it long before he comes. The only thing he has to do is to add to it.