Nothing it's the beginning of everything.
Everything can quickly become nothing.
Nothing, it is also what the world can become.
We, humans, cause the death of other humans for nothing.
"Everything will be okay" this is what they all say


Nothing is under control, in reality, they do nothing to fix things.
We, human spend our time to lie.
Maybe our life is a lie, maybe the human species is a huge lie.
Who to believe? What to think?
We are in a world where thinking rhymes with danger.
Why being different is a crime ?
We're all different.
At the end we can't think anymore so, how to be ourself ?

We are the future then how to advance if we are influenced ?
You, teenagers of the whole world, don't let you down, believe in your dreams and be yourselves.

We got the POWER.

That you're a boy, a girl, straight, LGBT, tall, fat, gothic, old school, modern, thin, small, don't be afraid of who you are and be proud of it.

Nothing should stop you from being yourself.
Don't let others erase all which represents you.
Don't let others destroy your dreams.
If everything is nothing, everything is possible.
Because nothing is the beginning of everything.


This is my first article, hope you like it.