Tumblr girls share there styles, good looks, and fun life style through great pictures. Some of them have gained hundreds of thousands of followers. These tips will show you how to go from style zero to style hero :)

  • Develop your style.

Develop your style, don't worry about brands, you have to show your confidence in your own style, and try to use :

- hats
- high waisted, short or pants, skirts.
- crop tops.
- dresses
- puma,nike, adidas,vans, heels.....

Image by Hadil benhaDda dress, fashion, and girl image style, fashion, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image black, fashion, and outfit image fashion, style, and summer image girl, hair, and outfit image art, fashion, and girl image vans, shoes, and rose image adidas, amazing, and luxury image adidas and shoes image accesories, adidas, and clothes image
hehe sorry so many pictures !
  • Mix and match stuff

Tumblr girls are known for the way they mix and match stuff, don't be afraid to follow trends from other styles: runway, hip-hope.....
And don't forget to add in some fun accessories to change up the look of your outfit and make it cuter.

necklace, crystal, and pink image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, rings, and jeans image fashion, model, and pink image
  • Girl closet

Try to wear clothes and accessories that aren't in every girl's closet. small boutiques can also offer designs that will set you apart from the usual mall styles. Like all the girls will get the new tops (examplemake ) from Bershka, Forever 21, Zara, h&m......

Image by Angel
  • Follow trends early or make your own.

Tumblr girls are always on top of every trend in fashion. Keep an eye on what other popular profiles are wearing and try to add in some fresh elements into your own look. You can follow @americansyle on instagram, this account will show you pics of some bloggers.

beautiful, fashion week, and fashionable image fashion, negin mirsalehi, and Balmain image
  • Get the makeup right and your hair in the same time.

Every girl is different, but tumblr girls usually look like they are wearing, very little makeup : Nude lips, especially. This makes it like they are normal, casual, relaxed people just having fun, and confident in themselves and how they look.
Find a fun and unique hair style, you have to change your hair frequently like the style.

beautiful, tumblr, and brunette image blonde, luxury, and beautiful beauty image hair, pink, and hairstyle image hair, hairstyle, and braid image brunette, hairstyle, and inspiration image
look at these hair styles you can take some ideas !
  • Change your setting

Always change the photogenic places, always find photogenic places outside, around your neighborhood or town that you can go to take your photos. Natural lighting is very important to a lot of tumblr girl photography , so make sure the outside places you go compliment your style as well. and find a sunny place.

pink, teal, and theme image fashion and summer image
and sometimes you can edit the picture, you can change the filters, it will make it look more tumblr !

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