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Marilyn Monroe, a name you probably heard of and a face you probably have seen on 100 000 000 of posters, paintings, magazines worldwide Yes, Marilyn Monroe was pretty much known as the 'sex symbol of the 60's' with her signature blond bouncy hair, plump red lips and her mole on her cheek.
But there was also a side of Marilyn that wasn't so glamorous, a side of Marilyn that wasn't very known of her, not even to her closest friends, No one really knew, how the real Marilyn, behind all these flashing lights, smiles, laughs, was. One thing is for sure that she was soul who was misunderstood and lonely even though the world looked up to her. I hope you'll like the article :)

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♡ She had many names. Her real name is Norma Jean Mortenson Baker, she used to model under Norma Jean and Mona Monroe before she got famous, she wanted her screen name to be Jean Adair, booked into hotels as Zelda Zonk and saw her therapist as Faye Miller.

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A young Marliyn who used to work at a factory before she got famous.

♡ Marilyn once said that her first early childhood memory was her grandmother trying to kill her.

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Marilyn as a cute baby

♡Marilyn grew up in several foster homes because her mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia and wasn't able to take care of little Norma.

♡She got married at the age of 16 so she didn't have to go back to orphanages/foster homes.

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Norma Jean at the age of 16 when she married her neighbor James Dougherty.

♡She got her first name 'Marilyn' from the performer Marilyn Miller and Monroe was her mother's maiden name.

♡She was the first to appear on the first issue of Playboy in 1953 but the
founder of Playboy Hugh Hefner never met her.

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♡She never liked playing the dumb blonde because she always got labeled as one by the media. She was actually very intelligent, she even had an higher IQ than Albert Einstein which was 168!!

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She's clearly the opposite of her role as Lorelei Le in Gentlemen prefer blondes,1953.

♡Marilyn was very hard to work with on set because she either was late or never showed up, she even was bad at learning her lines by heart and she would ask to retake a scene if she wasn't satisfied with the result.

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It took her 47 takes to say the line 'Sugar,it's me' in the movie Some like it hot

♡She's not plus-size. She was 5' 5 tall, weighed 118 lbs and she used to be size 2.

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♡ She had a low self- esteem, she used to lock herself in her dressing room for hours and even skip work.

♡ She dealt with anxiety,depression,went through 3 divorces and had 3 miscarriages.

♡She sung happy birthday many times for John F. Kennedy but stopped because he kept ignoring her calls.

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♡She used to put olive oil on her face when she didn't have any makeup on and was a huge fan of nivea.

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♡Marilyn converted to Judaism before marrying her 3rd husband, the famous Jewish writer Arthur Miller in 1956.

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♡She loved to read, she owned more than 400 books.

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♡According to the actor Elli Wallach, she used to refer herself in the 3rd person.

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♡The author of Breakfast at Tiffany's Truman Compote wanted Marilyn to play the main role but Audrey Hepburn got it instead.

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♡Marilyn had a stutter when she was off camera which was not quite severe but still noticeable,

♡She wasn't only an actress but was also a producer and she was one of the women who got own a production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions.

♡Marilyn helped Ella Fitzgerald a career by calling the owner of a famous nightclub so she can perform. Otherwise the Club wouldn't book her because she was black.

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♡She wrote an autobiography, My Story, with the help of a friend which didn't got published 10 years after her death

♡She died at 36 in Los Angeles on the August 5th 1962 due to a drug overuse.

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♡ Her first ex-husband baseball player Joe DiMagigo was so devastated after Mariylin's death that he used to send roses to her crypt three times a week for 20 years and never married again. Unfortunately he died on the 8th mars in 1999 and his last words were 'I'll finally get to see Marilyn''.

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