There's nothing better than to light a few candles, grab a hot drink, and sit on the windowsill while reading a great book. It's one of the reasons why I adore fall, so much. Now, I have way too many books that I love, so I figured I'd only give you a few of my ultimate favorites.

1. The Gone Series

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Adults start to disappear. Kids under 15 are left behind in a small California town that's somehow surrounded by a large dome. And that's just the beginning. This entire series is the reason why it's so hard for me to find good books, anymore. It set the bar so high that now I find myself comparing it to other books (which I know I shouldn't do because no two writers are going to be the same.) But it's SO good, guys. It made me laugh. It made me scream. Cry. Everything. At one point I literally threw it at the wall and didn't pick it up for days. 10/10 would recommend.

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2. Me Before You/After You
I saw the movie before I read the book, but when I did read the book, I realized how much the movie left out. Big, major details the movie left out. Not that the movie was terrible, but I feel like it would be so much better if they kept things from the book. Anyway, the sequel, After You, is a sort of a continuation, and if you haven't seen the movie or read Me Before You, I won't spoil it. But let's just say that I may or may not love it even more than the first novel.

3. Scrappy Little Nobody

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My absolute FAVORITE autobiography. Anna Kendrick is one of my favorite actresses, and when my friends gave me Scrappy Little Nobody for Christmas... I don't think I've read any book faster than I did that one. She's extremely relatable, not to mention hysterical. There were moments when I really felt for her and saw a lot of myself in her anecdotes. Anna's small, awkward, and most of all, just like the rest of us.