Hi guys !

The Informations;

This is my first article, I won't present myself now because I will do a "100 questions challenge" later. I just want to precise that I'm a French girl so I will maybe do some mistakes ugh I suck in english. So today I want to do a September playlist, I think I'm going to do it like every months, let's gooo

Malu Travejo; Luna Llena

Con la luna llena I'm going crazy tonight
Con la luna llena Dance with me all through the night
Seguimos gozando, play with my vibe

First, I will talk about Luna Llena by Malu Trevejo. It's a Latina song, the lyrics is in Spanish but in English too, I love this song so much but nobody's know it so I can't sing it with my friends urk.
Malu is only 14 years old, I don't understand why I'm not like her. There is not too much autotune, the rythhm is so cool and more, Malu is so fucking beautiful. If you look her instagram, you will probably have a different view than mine. She has a bad reputation because of her clothes, what she wear and her caracter, but without lying, she knows how to enhance herself, she just enjoys life, it don't means it's a bitch.

Taylor Swift; Look What You Made Me Do

But I got smarter, I got harder in a nick of time
Honey I rose up from the dead, I did it all the time

Anyway, the next song is, of course, Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift, it's not really recent but I don't care. It's not a secret Taylor can sing, and she do it very well. I don't have a lot of things to say it this song because I think a lot of you know it.

Martin Solveig & Alma; All Stars

Play it loud, we don't care
And dance like there's nobody there

One of my favorite song of the moment is All Stars by Mortin Solveig and Alma. The clip is just WHAT THE FUCK, I think the director said

what effects do you want?

And Martin just answer


because it don't have sens but the song it so fucking good, I just want to dance on it all night and never stop myself. It sounds so well arrrrrh.

Sabrina Carpenter; Why

You like New York City in the daytime
I like New York City in a nighttime
You say you like sleeping with the air off
I don't, I need it on

Next is Why by Sabrina Carpenter. I just can't do a playlist without Sabrina or Selena Marie fucking Gomez. From what I understood it's a song on differences, LOOOOOOOVE IT.

Ninho; Mamacita

Je me rappelle de nous je me rappelle d'avant
Y'a rien qui a changé nan même pas ton numéro

The last song is a French song, sorry I was forced aha. It's Mamacita by Ninho, it's a Rap music but with a lyrics with sens. I don't listen a lot of Rap so believe me when I say this is a good song. Just listen it and dare tell me it sucks looking at me in the eyes.

That's it for today, hope you liked it, I liked write anyways, Kisses