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It's the end of September, which means another music related article from me! Since the school has started, I tried (doesn't mean I succeeded😂) to avoid sad songs, because they only make me sadder, so to keep things positive, I chose some songs with a happier vibe than the songs in my previous article had. The lyrics still aren't the happiest you can find, but sounds of those songs don't make me want to cry this time.

I have to admit that deciding what songs I should put here is more difficult than I actually thought it would be, because five isn't really much, considering the fact that I find new songs, that I end up loving, every day. But since I decided this whole "article series" will be named TOP 5, I'll keep the number 5 there.

Okay, so here we go, my September TOP 5:

5. Passenger - Simple Song

Time goes slow, but it's always running out.
Here's a simple song.... won't stop the rain from coming down... or your heart from breaking.

The first thing that I loved about Passenger's Simple Song was the lyrics. It's so simple (as the title says), but so beautiful at the same time. I immediately fell in love with it and I knew that I had to put it in here. Another thing that I think is good about it, is the fact that you can easily fall asleep to it. I usually can't fall asleep without music, but it also needs to be something calming, this one is perfect for it.

Image by ~Shining~

4. Scott Helman - 21 Days

So let 'em burn the world
If a cardboard castle
Is all we have love
We could make it sweet
I wanna live with you
In a cardboard castle
I know it won't last but
Neither will we.

For some reason, every time I hear this song, it makes me happy. I mostly listen to sad songs, so it's always nice to hear a song that doesn't make me sad for a change. I remember listening to this song before school started and it was funny, thinking about the fact that after a few days the zombies will come, meaning me and my friends - not sleeping enough, walking the school halls, typically looking like zombies, again. Also, 21 is one of my favourite numbers, so this one definitely wins it for me.

Image by ~Shining~

3. Sabrina Carpenter - Why

Somehow we end up on the same side and you wouldn't think that we'd be alright.
Even our eyes are different colors, but we see fine."

This is not the typical genre of music that I listen to on a daily basis, but it somehow charmed me, and I couldn't stop playing this on repeat for a week or so. I would like to mention that the video for Why is something that had a part in me liking this song as well. I was browsing YouTube and I bumped into this one, I opened it and I saw Casey Cott aka Kevin Keller from Riverdale, I'm not going to lie, it definitely made me stay there. As I watched the video, I loved it even more, because it was perfect, I absolutely adore the two of them in this video, it is so aesthetic. Sabrina's looks are goals and everything just feels right there. The end of the video also left me with the question "Why?", which was probably the purpose of it.

sabrina carpenter and why image

2. Artist Vs Poet - Different People

Cause I'm afraid that you'll find what I've found
In you, in me
Cause we're two different people
You're a Libra, I'm a Gemini
I'm honest, you like to lie
And we aren't the same, you see
I could tell you weren't in love with me
Cause you and me are two different people
And I'll learn from my mistakes"

I know that I'm breaking the "no sad songs" thing right now, but I just couldn't help myself. This is definitely not the last time you're hearing about Artist Vs Poet from me. Their songs are so wonderful, I can't even describe it. They, unfortunately, haven't made any new music in 3 years (as far as I know), but they've made plenty of amazing songs that definitely deserve to be heard. I love to read the astrological posts about signs, so when I heard the Libra and a Gemini line, it won my heart. (Not only for that reason.)

Image by ~Shining~

1. Gavin James - I Don't Know Why (Danny Avila Remix)

But I'll find the light
And I don't know
In which way the wind blows
But I know I'll be alright
And I don't know
If you think I'm crazy
But if you say maybe I
I'd say love don't wait in line"

Something happier, on the other hand, is I Don't Know Why by Gavin James. I love the optimistic side of this beautiful track. I could listen to this song all day and never get tired of it. The Vocals are breathtaking. His voice kind of reminds me a mixture of Chris Martin from Coldplay and Steve Garrigan from Kodaline, which is a plus, because I adore them all. Gavin's show is definitely something I'd love to see live. I just checked the video and it doesn't even have 500K views, which is a shame because he definitely deserves more, I recommend you to check him out, he is really amazing and I'm sure you won't regret it.

Image by ~Shining~

So that's it for my September TOP 5, I hope you'll love the songs just as much as I do.

If you have any songs that you love and would like me to listen to, don't be afraid to message me. Thanks for the #WHITheRevolution, which I was lucky to be a part of, you can send messages/postcards to anyone now, so you'll actually be able to text me now! :)

I was thinking that if you send me a really good song, I would mention your WHI username and your favourite song in the next article. (If you'd like to be mentioned in there, of course.) You can also send me what you'd like to read from me, there will be more than music related articles when I find the time. :)

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