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Hello everyone I want to share you some of my life experience about discovering myself. My self discover started after that I realized that I'm free person, and it really doesn't matters what people think or talk about me cause they aren't going to be on my side when I will need them so I decided to don't follow them rules about what is good or what is bad, honestly I don't think there is really big difference between these two cause maybe what is good for me it is bad for other person but this isn't problem for me because it's me and my life. When I gave my self freedom I discover that most important thing which I was needing was to love and respect my self because If I didn't do it no one else will, I was thinking that I hadn't enough strength for running, for learning , for writing but now I believe that everything is possible if you believe in yourself, I ran everyday, I write how I can and I do as much as I can for learning . Here is my advice for you stop blaming yourself for what you are not you are as good as everyone just because you are you, give some space yourself and start understanding how you are, what you like or what don't. after that you will realise how good and beautiful you are. "The best part about me is I'm not you" Eminem Thank you if you are reading this, it is my first blog and please don't be critical , I hope it will be helpful even just little bit.