Hello guys♥
This is my opinion about fashion this autumn, something I love and wear.I hope you'll enjoy ♥

1 . Monday♥ [ I hate hahaha ]
In my country, October is quite cold. So I'm not going anywhere without a sweater and coat.I like this outfit.Colors are ideal for cold days.

fashion, style, and outfit image

2. Tuesday♥
If it rains then, this is an ideal outfit for you.Hats are always a good idea and I'm in love with scarfs♥

fashion, girl, and outfit image

3. Wednesday♥
This is one of my fav. I definitely love short shirts and coats. Every girl loves this combination♥

fashion, outfit, and girl image

4 . Thursday♥
Another school day, when you have to look really great.Floral print is still in fashion and this one is wonderful♥

fashion and outfit image

5 . Friday [ always fav♥ ]
Freedom,finally haha

fashion and style image
For school♥
fashion, style, and outfit image
For evening♥

6 . Saturday♥

Saturday is one of the best day.On saturday I often hang out with my friends, sometimes I go to the cinema or go to the park and enjoy in autumn.♥ I love these outfits♥

fashion, style, and outfit image
fashion, outfit, and vintage image
😻 and 😺 image

7. Sunday♥
This is a day for relaxation, so I often stay home and watch films or go in a bar with my bestie so,my suggestion.♥

girl, book, and cozy image
fashion, style, and outfit image

That's it. I love ya all ♥

( @my_little_world__ )