Hi guys,

I love travelling, not just to other countries and far away places, but on the metro and other public transport too. I would like to visit a lot of places, travel as much as I can. :)

1. USA

building city Superthumb nature route 66 beach travel Superthumb

2. England

Big Ben europe london britain autumn flowers london city

3. Italy

architecture italy italy Superthumb beautiful Superthumb

4. France

Dream architecture city breakfast amazing france

5. Spain

Superthumb Barcelona architecture Barcelona

6. The Netherlands

Superthumb amsterdam beautiful amsterdam

7. Norway

nature city Superthumb aurora light norway

8. Ireland

Superthumb Superthumb anne of green gables Superthumb Superthumb beautiful

9. Denmark

aesthetic architecture Superthumb Superthumb

10. Greece

beach aesthetic beach blue

And a lot more places...:)