" I've been on the low, I've been taking my time, I feel like I'm outta my mind, I feel like my life ain't mine. I just wanna die today. "
- 1-800-273-8255 by Logic.

I didn't know that a song could symbolize my life so much. At some part of every day of my life, I've wanted to die. Like right now, for instance. I'm sitting here, in my Math 1 period, just reading, then BOOM. I thought. And thinking, ( non- academically) is bad for me. And one day, I'm just gonna lose it. I'm gonna break down, and at that time, I would be so deep that no one can even ATTEMPT to save me. If they wanted to, which is highly unlikely. I just want it all to end. As I type this, tears are about to start streaming down my face. And no one's ever gonna care