YEAR 2014
She takes a handful of the sleeping pills and forcefully swallows them. She needs to sleep. She needs to forget. She needs it all to be over and done with. You can't blame her. She had just lost her youngest son of just 18, to a sudden, idiopathic brain hemorrhage, 7 days of coma, and eventually, death.

YEAR 2017
She's double checking all the preparations one last time before she leaves the house. Her oldest son is getting married today and she is responsible for supervising all the arrangements. She is very proud. Because she organised a good event? Not so much. But because she organised her life back in to place. She knew she had to live because it was not fair to inflict the same pain of loss she had experienced herself, on those who genuinely loved her. She had learned that may be you can't die for the deceased, but you sure can live for the living.

Love is an excuse people find for keeping something or someone close to themselves. If they can't keep what they love, does that mean that love ceases to exist? Certainly not. I contradict the whole idea of interdependence between two individuals. You don't depend on someone for your existence and call it love. Love reaches far beyond the boundaries of time and space. When you lose someone you love, it will hurt. You will suffer. You will struggle. You will heal. But most importantly, YOU WILL LIVE

flowers and okay image
Life goes on. If Time has done the damage, then let it do the Healing as well.

I have written this article in 3 parts. If you liked it then here are parts 1 and 2. THANK YOU! :)