Hi! I'm Alice and first of all I want to thank you all, my dear followers! Today I want to write my first article for WHI because I want to tell you a bit about myself, in particular about one of my dreams.

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I really like writing and I hope to see shelves plenty of my books one day. In fact, in my free time I often think about new ideas for a story, in my mind I create settings, characters, dialogues and so on! So, I can't miss the chance that WHI is offering: with Articles I can practise a lot and share my writings with you all!

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I'm also writing poems... when I feel something I need to write it down. At first there are only words, but then I can put them together and create something which really expresses myself, something very intimate: a poem.

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Even though I'm Italian, I write both in Italian and in English. Actually, at the beginning my poems were only in English, that's because using a language which is not mine allows me to raise a wall against people that I don't want to be able to read them, for example my parents. I don't like feeling vulnerable.

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So, I might share some of my poems too... I really think that WHI can help me to achieve my dream.

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Soon I'll publish something written by me, I hope you like it and I would be very happy if someone commented sending me a message.
I apologise for my English and thank you all for reading.