Assalamualaikum!!!!! This article is not here to judge anyone or criticize ..its just my thoughts which i would like to share...sorry for the terrible english its not my first language.....Nowadays we people make our life miserable when our boyfriend/girlfriend betray us,when they ditched us for another beautiful person and we are just like the purpose of our life has ended.Why we don't remember the fact that our purpose of life is not to go after this duniya its just a tiny drop of water compare to akirah we should prepare ourselves for akirah not this duniya and Allah has planned a soulmate for us . we can't be left all alone by ourselves.We should trust his plans . We should built some patience inside us . The true love of our life is Allah . He loves us when nobody loves you . You are not alone when u feel lonely . Allah knows every single tear you have shed for those you love . Never for a moment lose hope in him,cry to him as long as you need ,he is the only one who can turn your sadness into an eternity bliss .Allah loves you more than you can love him.