Hey girls!
I know that alot of us want to slay our lives, but you do'nt want to spend that much money. Since i used these tips that i'm gonna give ya'll, people ask me where i got my stuff from and give me compliments So i gonna give ya'll a few tips to slay your life on budget.

Online shopping
I like to shop online but i don't want to spend too much money so i just search on google '' Site name coupon code'' or ''Site name discount code and trie some code's that work and i trie to find the highest. I also like to look at sale or choose ''lowest first''


  • The colors
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Just search the colors that you like the most and tryna combinate them. For exapmle colors like dark green and pink don't match but pink and white or dark green with grey do

  • Accessories
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Accessories can change everything and i'm also talking about jackets. You can just wear a simple black jumpsuit or just a basic shirt with pants and i jacket or jewely can maken it look more expensive and slay

This was a short article but the next time i will make part 2 because their are more tips.
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