Superheroes are a lot more than their superhuman abilities. A hero is cherished for their backstory, their values and their purpose.

The concept of modern day superheroes emerged in the West, around the time of the Great Depression and the Second World War which was an extremely dark time in history. Superheroes had been banned as a part of a massive propaganda program in parts of Germany by Adolf Hitler, because of the Jewish origins among many other reasons. Many comic books actually contained blatant references to Hitler and his reign. The mere idea of revolt against the pre-existing system was extripated at its origin.

Superheroes debuted in comic books, which were at their peak of popularity and production at the time. This era came to be known as the golden age of comic books (1938 - 1955). The purpose of these superheroes was to keep hope alive amongst the population. Additionally, inspire them to protect the vulnerable and strive for peace. The comics became an escape from the troubles of the time, where youngsters often sought refuge from the cruelty. The stories glorified righteousness, rationality, courage and most importantly; great capacities for sacrifice.

Psychologists say that strong admiration and glorification of heroic figures is common, especially if they are flawed in any way, because that makes them more relatable. The way heroes deal with their imperfections is extremely inspiring to fans, which is the reason that the flaws of the heroes were highlighted. For the same reason, heroes were born of deplorable times and carried with them, tragic backstories.

The plot usually involved ordinary people, with common and dreadful beginnings, discovering power and strength within themselves. The heroes used their powers for justice, often ending up preventing abductions, murders, mass destruction or defeating enemies, urging the common people to use their abilities and participate in being the solution to restore stability and rationality. In a world plagued by grave troubles such as terrorism and wars, they are just as relevant and inspirational today.