American people know much about this Tv series, specially the teenager
but sadly I start watch this comedy musical drama in the last august till the last september 2017, yes sounds crappy.
But Im glad I can watch this as long as I want, no need to waiting the next series plays.
Long college holidays and having no nice plan make me decide to watching some movies and yas I found glee.
So excited, specially in season 3 and 4, and makes me cant wait more to see the happy ending, specially for Rachel and Finn, but yeah for you glee lovers or just already watch it or even the American people, I know what you thinking, Im so confuse with the season 5 episode 2, whats happening? why they said Finn suddenly Dies? I think its the part of movie just want to surprise the others, and I had a thinking that even thought finn dies on the movie, at least he still live his life in somewhere. but Im looking forward on google, Cory Monteith died in 2013 cause heroin and alcohol, holly shit, I got adoring him but he died?! they should be together on the movies and their real life since they really fall in love, they mean to be together, rachel n finn.
the saddest thing for me is, some people cried in 2013 maybe untill 2015 when the series complete, but me cried and still wont believe in last of 2017, I never be so adore or idolizing an actress this bad:') why he died:'(