Someone once told me that what you know doesn't matter,
Our world is formed so that your feelings would always take over.

I can't possibly be the only one who feels the way I do for a boy who i think couldn't care less and acts the way I do for the desire of being loved back.

poetically expressing;
I frequently do ask myself,
what could I have done differently for him to like me back?
I hate when my eyes scan the room looking for you
and when my eyes do meet you from afar,
it's a burning sensation knowing
you'll never be mine

and whilst I forgot that other people may of liked you too.
It seemed to me that I was never good at timing,

and I knew that when you told her you liked her too.

Heartbreak comes in the worst forms,
Heartbreak dances in the soul of the figure
I built for you,
it want's to stop trying
but it can't.
Even when the purity of your heart desires another.

I forgot to mention that
You know I like/ed you,
but I guess knowing isn't enough.

You make me feel unworthy of being loved,
and you don't even know what my favorite color is.
How can you when we are just two shy souls
that refuse to meet.

Like saturn rising instead of the moon,
this simplicity of acceptance,
wasn't present.

It would be like a game,
like one day it will look like you had some sort of interest in me
but the next
I'm wearing an invisible cloak, borrowed by my friend Harry Potter

I truly did hate loving someone i cannot have

but mother told me that humans rely and need love,
it fills dreams and empty canvas's it makes you a fool,
but most importantly you learn,

but if this is love
i do not want it.

I grew up with the way you made me feel,
I grew up with people who loved me and hurt me

but when you grow up,
you realize things you wish you knew a long time ago,

like even though you left me drained on my emotions, completely stuck on how I should feel
through all that;

Maybe you liked me too