Once you come to Ukraine, one phenomenon might surprise you more than its beauty and culture.

What is that?

A Ukrainian student!

I know it from hearsay: long before I've become a web writer and joined https://plagiarismcheck.org as a blogger, I had a chance to visit Ukraine and complete Psychology courses there.

When studying in this country and observing the lifestyle of its children, I experienced both misunderstanding and cultural shock. Saying lifestyle, I mean the attitude to education and tricks they use to earn a degree.

So, what could surprise you about students in Ukraine?

1) They learn dozens of subjects

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When Ukrainian students enter a university, they don't choose core subjects to learn. If your major is Linguistics, like mine, you won't learn languages and corresponding disciplines only. Initial two or three years of your college life are going to be about subjects that have nothing to deal with your chosen profession.

Law, Sociology, History of Ukraine, Economics, Physical Training – they are obligatory to learn for every student who gets a diploma in Ukraine.

2) They skip classes

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Does it stand to reason with you that students should attend lectures? Ukrainian peers don't see any problem in skipping classes simply because they have no mood to go there.

Yes, many do both work and study which is time and energy consuming to combine. And yet, some prefer spending time with friends and coming to colleges for exams only. They do believe it's enough to become masters of their trade.

3) They are ready to pay for homework

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Though it's illegal and ethically inappropriate, some students in Ukraine don't hesitate to plagiarize academic writings or order them from ghostwriters. Reasons are many: laziness, lack of time, information gaps, etc. but the fact remains that essay writing services flourish in this country.

College professors are aware of the problem, trying to beat it with the help of reputable plagiarism checkers, lectures on consequences, penalties, and other regulations. But things are still where they started.

4) They learn everything the night before exams

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Another interesting fact about Ukrainian students is their habit to learn everything the night before tests or exams.

How looks it:

They spend a semester procrastinating, and evening parties begin the last night before an exam: dozens of textbooks noted, tons of coffee drunk, and a lot of information learned in hopes to earn a grade next morning.

Fairness requires me to say that such a method works sometimes.

5) They use crib sheets

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What is a crib sheet? It's a paper to where a student writes answers to test questions and uses it to cheat at the examination afterward.

The plan is as follows:

  • write down all rules, formulas, definitions, and other information you should have learned during a semester;
  • take those crib sheets with you to an exam;
  • hide them from professors;
  • after you've got a task, secretly choose a crib sheet with right answers and copy them.

NB! Never try doing the same in your college!

6) They rarely work by profession

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Nuts, but true:

Many Ukrainian students do not plan to work by profession after graduation. "Why the heck they choose it?" you ask. Well, some do that because of parents, others burn out after a year or two in college and understand they've made a wrong choice, and some go to college for nothing but diplomas.

As a rule, the last-mentioned category of students doesn't care too much about what to learn. They get a university degree and start building a career in fields, different from mentioned in their diplomas.

7) They want to study abroad

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Ukrainian students love their country but consider its education system weak if compared with those from the USA or Europe. They believe foreign colleges could give better knowledge and skills, as well as a chance to work there after graduation.

NB! It's a key aspect for students to consider: if you plan to get a higher education in Ukraine, then choose a college providing international rather than local diplomas. Otherwise, you won't be able to use it outside the country.

But who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with Ukraine and decide to stay there?

Cover photo by Jackie Ayres on Unsplash