All the Bright Places - by Jennifer Niven, was an exhilarating love story, that i loved and enjoyed very much so. I could relate and resonate with Finch the main character quite a bit, amongst some characteristics of Violet. They the story and chapters is laid out, i very much appreciate as each chapter you get either the story's perspective of either Finch or Violet, which quite a unique way of setting out the chapters in a novel, but it just seemed to fit in with the story line very much so. When they are asked to partner up in the American Geography class, you make an assumption that it just going to be your common, basic, classic, condescending romance. but it isn't, they 'wander' and visit obscure places all over Indiana, which was an interesting touch to the story, even though it is the main place of plot-line and amongst the journey were Violet and Finch became friends and then into a relationship. The message behind to the novel and the underlining theme is something I with forever cherish and hold close to my heart. i do definitely urge you to pick this book up and give it a read as we truly will not be let down.
- Grace
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