Hi guys! I just wanted to say what I think about relationship goals truly definition, because most people are wrong about the meaning of this popular label. First, of course I love the cute photos about boyfriends and relationships that we usually see on Tumblr, WHI, Pinterest, etc. but those pics with the boy taking or squeezing the girls boobs or butt it´s not a relationship goals, that´s a superficial image that doesn´t shows love or passion between them, and gives a bad example to, in most cases, girls that watching these pictures think that for a "perfect" relationship or to be "goals" you have to do that, which is wrong. The real definition of relationship goals is that in both people must feel love, each one is for the other no matter what happens, each day they are building themselves as better people together, they are creating their own little universe to disappear from real world, means that when they are together there is no one else, and they do whatever to make the other one happy, and they don´t need to show all that through social networks to know that it´s real. It´s OK if you want to publish or share what you´re feeling with that person or just how happy you are, after all, thats why social media is for, but remember to do it for yourself, not thinking how much likes or followers you will get showing that, or how much people you will make jealous about your relationship, which is awful, ´cause you don´t have to care about what others think about you two, and make someone feelling that way won´t make you feel better. You just concentrate on both of you and nothing else.

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some of what I think relationship goals are

Hope you all liked the article!! And I´m just giving my opinion, it´s totally fine if other one doesn´t thinks the same as I do. ❤