Hii lovies,

Today I’ll tell you the five passions I have. Enjoy reading :)


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As you may have noticed already, I really love books. I like almost all books actually. My favourite books are The Hunger Games trilogy and Eleanor and Park. I’m quite busy at the moment, so I’m not reading a book right now. Unfortunately..

Here is my books collection :)


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I don’t only love reading, but also writing. I like to write fan fiction, just random stories, articles etc. I’m developing my writing skills at the moment, so for tips, send me a postcard!

I have organized a collection in which you can find both, my own written articles and articles of others :) You could also check out my #WhiChallenge articles.

Helping others

I like to help others in whatever it may be. It can be at school, horseback riding etc. I just like it when you can help people, and they are grateful that you did :)

Horseback riding

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I love horses and horseback riding! I hope I can keep improving in this sport for the rest of my life. Horses are trustful, and that’s right what I love about it. It’s a sport in which teamwork with your horse is very important. You need to build a bond, if you want to perform good together. I just can’t really describe my love for horseback riding haha

You can take a look at my horses collection!


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Exploring the world!! Omfg, that’s amazing! I love seeing different countries with different cultures, landscapes and gaining knowledge!

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it :)
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