here's a little something i wrote a while back just about loving the skin you are in. i am super proud of this and hope you enjoy. xo

love; an intense feeling of deep affection
something that we show to others and show ourselves
but showing love can’t be forced
whether it’s loving somebody or loving yourself
you can very easily say you love somebody
and even say or show that we love ourselves
actions are louder than words
and prove more than any word could

there’s this girl i know
she told me all about what she would call her “love story”
but this love story was different
she was not Juliet and she definitely didn’t have her Romeo
it’s the story of how she learned to love herself

she would act as if she was on top of the world
the most confident and content person she knew
constantly posting pictures of herself on social media
but when she was alone in her room, she would sit in front of her mirror
critiquing every single inch of her body
every wrinkle, every freckle, every stretch mark, every scar
she was basically bathing in disgust
she felt sick

after months passed by, she decided to talk to her mom about her feelings
she spoke of how she hated the red undertones in her skin
how her shoulders seemed to be more broad than those of her friends
she felt that her calves looked huge in her favorite pair of jeans
so she threw them away
after hours of talking, her mom said some of the wisest words she’d ever heard
she gained a new perspective

since then, she has learned to love her broad shoulders
for her mother told her they were the shoulders of her great grandmother
who she loved ever so dearly
enough for her to name her daughter after her
from then on, she learned to love them just as much as she had loved her

now that she is learning to love herself, she wants others to feel the same
she will go out of her way to help others pave their own path just like she did
and hopefully they will trek on their path, too

this story does not have a happy ending
that is because it’s a never ending story
we will all hit our highs and our lows
just like


I am her.
I am paving my own path.
I am learning to love myself.
I am learning to look at the brighter side of every situation.
I am learning to never take a single moment for granted.
I am content.
I am happy.
I am her.


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