Hi, guys, it's day 3 here, and today the topic is about the relationship with our parents, which I think it's pretty interesting, cause everyone has a different story. So, again if some of you want to share something you can send me a postcard or feel free to start the challenge, the link to the original post is here:

The relationship with my parents

So this time I'm not going to get so extensive because there´s not a real full-length story.
My story is pretty great actually, I couldn't ask for any other parents, cause I love mine. They're really supportive, and they love me, we get along pretty well and I think that's all that I could ask for. When I'm down they pick me up, both of them, or the one whos with me at the time, they're the best friends I have in this world, and I really can't imagine a world without them or my sister.

parents and proud image
So that's all, a resume about what they mean to me. I'll write you, in the next post.

And don't forget to give a hug.