you've carved my rib cage into ashes, digging your clawed fingers into this worn and weary heart. you've razed my spine to shattered glass, skull turned wine red the color of vengeance, have toppled the empires i have built and erected a forlorn nation in its place.

my mistake - i let you do it. i let you do it, perhaps, because your full moon smile was dripping with saccharine starlight and innocence, because i could find no faults in the nebulae of your eyes.

and when you did it summer had died and a transient autumn born, and your tore my ligaments and flesh and torched my world to dust, and i hated you for it.

i wanted to call upon chaos to tear your veins to wispy copper, to boil your blood and let fall from your lips despair. i wanted nothing more than to see you fall, like i did, like icarus did, wings flailing and teeth bared.

but here, now, when the bitterness has died and the rage quelled, i let go of this quiet anger and let my forgiveness burn inside your soul. you're fickle as am i, but who is the wiser for letting go of past scars? i set free now these iniquities and leave behind nothing but good grace.