Since I haven't read that many books this list won't be very long! The first list you see isn't from favorite to least favorite, but I'll be doing that at the very bottom if you're interested. I promise that once I start reading more, the next article will be jam packed with interesting books.

♦ in a dark, dark wood - ruth ware
♦ the woman in cabin 10 - ruth ware
♦ phoenix rising - karen hesse
♦ fablehaven - brandon mull
♦ white fang - jack london
♦ milk and honey - rupi kaur

I'm trying my hardest to read more books, but for now this is all I can remember reading! I'm currently in the middle of reading the woman in cabin 10, so I don't have a placement for that book.

The list from favorite to least favorite:
1. ♦ milk and honey - rupi kaur
2. ♦ fablehaven - brandon mull
3. ♦ phoenix rising - karen hesse
4. ♦ white fang - jack london
5. ♦ in a dark, dark wood - ruth ware