I am writing this in hopes that I will be able to let it go. I am also not focusing on grammar, so I apologize if it's not grammatically correct. Recently I told a boy that I liked him. It was a pretty big risk for me since I don't usually do stuff like this. He just says "cool" and asks me "did it feel good to get it off your chest?". I wasn't mad, but I was slightly embarrassed. A few days went by and everything was normal. We would chat on snap chat and it was fine. Two nights ago he tells me he likes me back. It gets my hopes up and I get excited, but nothing happens I start thinking " He probably doesn't like me" because I can't seem to allow myself to believe anyone could possibly like me. He was showing signs of nothing. We were back at the start except he was more distant. Today I was talking to my friend about it asking if she really just thought he was nervous. She tried reassuring me that he was; he then messaged me telling me that he acted on impulse and he didn't actually have feelings for me. I was upset and discouraged. Even though he apologized for leading me on, I couldn't help it. He got my hopes up and then tried to play it off like it was all good. I told myself he didn't like me, yet when it was true I wasn't happy to be right. I am not mad at him. I still do like him, but I know I won't be able to let this go for a few days.