I have this tendency of writing when things break me because I seem to find inspiration in the loneliness of my thoughts. It’s been over 6 months since he left me and I can’t seem to find peace in myself. I've wished and prayed with everything that I have for things to not be so hard for me because I know he’s perfectly fine without even thinking of my existence. I know things are over, but if they really are I wish we could see each other, in a place where only we know… Far away from everything and everyone. You know I often find myself lost in my fantasies. The biggest one is thinking one day he’ll run back to me, say he’s sorry for the things he did and how things ended between us, tell me how I’m enough for him, stay and say he’s never going to leave me, ever again. But I can’t keep on living out of his thoughts, these crazy thoughts that seem to take me nowhere. I just pray for the strength to keep on moving forward and find myself again.