Brandy Melville is the hottest teen clothing retailer in the U.S. I love the store’s aesthetics and cool California vibe, but there is one problem with the brand: everything is labeled “one-size” or “small”. Dressing up “cool” is not about money anymore, it’s about your body. In my opinion, this is pure body-shaming, but without getting too much into this topic, I’m going to tell you how to look like a “brandy girl” without having to be a size 0.

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Let’s start with colors. The basic colors of Brandy Melville are black, white, grey, and blue denim. In addition, there’s always different colors every season, but mostly the colors are quite light and pastel.

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Everything is quite simple at Brandy Melville. Therefore, choose simple tops. Basic tank tops, spaghetti straps, cropped t-shirts and fitting long sleeve-shirts are good options. Lately there have also been many turtlenecks, tube tops, and over the shoulder tops. Get tops that fit well.

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Same applies to sweaters and hoodies: Simplicity is the key. However, many of their hoodies and sweaters are nice and baggy, perfect for a lazy day! To add extra-cuteness, choose a cropped one: A crop cut makes a baggy sweater really cute.

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You can see many brandy girls wearing shorts which fits perfectly the California vibe, but not really the European climate where I live. Simple black or blue high-waisted skinny jeans are a good choice. What comes to jeans, there has recently been a lot of mom-jeans with a shorter hem. A pair of mom jeans is a great choice when you’re wearing a simple top, because it makes the outfit more interesting. Lately they have also had many different pairs of pants with stripes or a gingham print.

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What comes to the skirts and dresses, they are short and cute. Simple colors, denim, or gingham are good, and skirts should be high-waisted. Right now, Brandy Melville has many flowy flower dresses which are so cute (and so 90s!).

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I’ve said it many times now, but the accessorizes should be simple. Delicate jewelry is pretty and hoops are popular currently. A cap for a bad hair day and mini back bags.

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Remember, you should always wear clothes that make you feel good and you like. Don’t feel pressured to dress up in one way to be “cool”. Brandy girls have a cute style but don’t push it, if it doesn’t feel like yours. I hope this tutorial was helpful to someone!

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