Having the perfect feeling at the perfect time is a rare thing. That is why we all daydream or fantasize about scenarios that are not real. It's okay because we all want what's best for us and we want that happiness we see in the eyes of fictional characters in TV shows and movies. If they can be happy so can we.

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You know the feeling when you don't feel anything? When simply nothing is funny or sad... The feeling of emptiness is unfortunately common but it's not invincible. If you wanna be in your bed for the whole day, so be it. That's probably better than focusing your anger or annoyance on someone who doesn't deserve it.

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Music is what keeps me alive. It sounds cheesy, but honestly nothing can change my mood from worse to better faster than music.

Discovering new music is always an adventure for me. I am not that imaginative person, but with right music I can picture myself in different scenarios and in that way I motivate myself to become better and stronger.

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A few days ago I started to organize my closet and my mother's closet. I found some clothes I never liked before, but I've grown a little and realized that I could use those pieces in various ways. That made me happy. I mean who wouldn't be happy to get new clothes without spending a penny?

I guess it's fun to express our personalities through our style. It's fine if it changes from time to time.

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Don't let anyone tell you that you're not enough. Everyone is different and in their own way enough. Enough to live. Enough to express themselves. Enough to be happy.

Nobody can kill your vibe or break that nice smile on your face.

Be strong and stand up for yourself.

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They say money don't buy happiness... Well, if they mean that love, kindness, tolerance, patience and respect cannot be bought, that's completely true. But your personal happiness can be bought sometimes.

I am tremendously happy with my family and I shouldn't forget about that, not even for a second. But what also makes me happy is traveling. And what stops me from traveling is money.

I guess it's not point in dreaming as it is in trying. All I can recommend to you is to never separate your dreaming and your trying. Put them in together and work on your dreams. Baby steps if that's what it takes. Cause when we reach our dreams, we'll be proud and grateful.

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