Hello everyone...
well, I'd like to introduce myself first. So, my name is Kim, I'm 18 years old. I finished school this year and I got accepted at the university I wanted to go, so yeah. I think I'm a real student now.

At first I didn't think that much about how my life would change if I get accepted, but my life changed a lot, like, A LOT.
I'm actually a very shy person and I don't know why I wanted to go to a university that is like 200 miles away from my home, but here I am. I moved out from home to live in a dorm, and in the last few days I thought about that a lot. I thought about how many other people are going through the same rough time, and that's why I decided to write an article about it. Before I moved out I searched for such articles because I wanted to read what other people thought about that topic. Maybe there are some people out there who need something like this, so here you go.

I lived with my family for 18 years in the same house outside of the city, I went to school there and I ate dinner with my family every day. Everytime I needed something I just called my Mum or my Dad - for example when I missed the bus or something like that. And my best friend lived like 4 miles away from me and that was really cool because we could visit each other whenever we wanted. And, because I'm a very shy person (with a little social anxiety problem), my mum would make phone calls for me or help me in other, similar situations.

So... a few days ago I moved into my dorm. Saying goodbye to my room, my home, my cat and all other things was *** terrible. I had to cry when I cuddled my cat for the last time, and she was so cuddly as if she knew that I had to leave. After this hard goodbye my parents drove me to my dorm and helped me with my stuff that I had to bring in my room. And I can tell you that saying goodbye to my parents was like ... I can't find a word for this. It was emotional and terrible. I closed the door and in that moment I realized - they are gone. I'm alone, living on my own now. I know no one here. What if I can't find anybody to talk to? What if all other students are better than me? What if I can't make it through university, if it's to difficult for me?

I would like to tell everyone, who is going through a similar situation:

  • It's okay to be emotional, it's okay to cry (also if you're a boy, of course! never forget that) and it's okay if you feel a little disoriented. Just remember: You moved out from home to start a new chapter in your life, a new adventure with new interesting people. You are brave, not everyone summons up the courage to do the same. Be proud of yourself for doing that!
  • Be patient. Everyone who moves into a new city feels a little alone and is a little anxious - that's totally okay! All you have to do is being patient. You are not the only one, many other people feel the same way, and you will find new friends faster than you would expect.
  • Be interested and curious. Use the first days for a walk or explore the city, find out about the public transport and talk to other people (any people, it doesn't matter if you talk to a student, a barista, a bus driver or a complete stranger you met in the park or whatever). You will feel better after a nice small talk with somebody, believe me (I know it because I did that and I felt way better and more welcome).
  • Always remember that you can return home everytime. Just remember that. It doesn't matter, it's your life and if you're too unhappy you can always stop and return home. Don't force yourself (or let somebody force you) to do something you're unhappy with. Listen to your heart and your stomach. Nobody hates you if you say that you can't do this. This is also very brave to admit (in my opinion).

I hope that my words helped somebody, who is in a similar situation and yeah, if you read this line I'd like to thank you very much for reading my (first) article here.

(this was my first article and I hope my english was not that bad ... uh, and the picture I used is from wehartit, it doesn't belong to me. I found it in a collage from @arnauriera_00.)