Hello people who are reading this, just to let you know that I decided to write this article to help those in need of a bit of guidance in the fashion world.

Also consider that this is my first article so I apologize in advance for the grammar mistakes.

Enjoy my Lovelies ;)

1. A White Tee

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A white tee will always be an essential in a person's wardrobe, because its just so practical, it doesn't even matter if it isn't completely white just take a look at these for example.
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These are two of my favorite examples which brings the second essential.

2. A Gucci Belt

Superthumb belt Superthumb Superthumb
Or may I say a belt because it really doesn't have to be a Gucci belt I just typed in Gucci belt because we all know that anything Gucci or Chanel will never go out of style.

3. Any Pair of Jeans

I typed in any pair of jeans because there are literally so many types of jeans, examples :

- Mom jeans

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- High waisted jeans

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- Ripped jeans

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There are also numerous pieces of clothing that are fabricated with jean like material and are very fashionable and also essential under the same category, example:

4. Denim Jacket

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5. Denim Skirt

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6. Denim Shorts

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Now moving on from the jean and denim category we have at number seven the...

7. Turtleneck

fashion beauty
I just LOVE a cute turtleneck, I think there are just so amazing because you can dress a turtleneck to look casual yet you can also dress a turtleneck to look fancy, all with the right accessories of course.

8. An Oversized Sweater

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An oversized sweater because why not? they are cozy, comfortable, and very fashionable.

9. Black heels

black beauty
Why? well because black goes with everything that's why.

10. Black Vans

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Because you can use vans with everything and I mean EVERYTHING.

11. Sunglasses

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Because they give you that kind of sassy vibe, if that makes sense.

12. Accessories

accessories accessories autumn beautiful
Seeing that the accessories are the ones to really put a finish on an outfit.

13. Handbag or Purse

bag bag
We cannot forget about these two special babies, although these are more of an option than an essential it depends on the kind of person you are.

Well that's it the end of this article, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my article.
Again I apologize if you spot any grammar mistake or if something doesn't make sense to you I promise you that I will get better at this, thank you for reading see you guys next week, I might make a part two of this article ;)

Goodbyes My Lovelies XOXO