i'm trina...
and sometimes, i'm not strong enough to love myself.

i start giving attention to all my flaws, to critisize my own actions, to insult my thoughts and ignore my inner voice. i give the others the right to offend me because i let my own mind think that what they say is true.

the problem is that i know it's wrong. i know i'm not supposed to think about myself this way. i realise what i do is a "self afford".
but still... i'm not strong enough to love myself. or am i?

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how you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you

as time goes, i take a break from all my kith and kin and share the minutes i have with the company of my own soul. people near me notice that i am giving much more attention to myself than before, but not on a bad way.

they see that i start loving my body, that i start to wear my hair naturally, that i start to choose the clothes i like, not the ones they tell me to, that i don't wear any makeup, that i show my actual face and all the flaws within, because i finally get to feel comfortable with myself, without remorse of what would people think.

this is enough to make the others accept your real self.

firstly, you must accept yourself. nobody respects people who don't respect themselves, but everyone appreciates those who appreciate themselves.

then treat yourself as you are treating the one you love the most. soon, that one will become you. no matter if it seems to be wrong from a foreign eye. it'll never be wrong from your point.

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what you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you

they might say your nose is ugly.
they might say your body is fat?
don't worry, i understand that it can make everyone feel gross with themselves. it causes crying in the school toilets, hiding from the "cool kids", desire to kill yourself...

is it worth it?

is it worth it to spend your precious tears for someone who don't have any important position in your life? is it worth it to spend your unique tears for someone who thinks you are ugly just because their eyes can't see how beautiful and special you are?

is it worth it to fill your head with the shit they say about you? nope, don't fill yourself with the others' crap!

if you think you are cute, then you are! who cares if they don't think so? their opinion won't make you less cute.
if you think you have intelligent mind, then don't let the others break your intelligent soul!

because... foreign words can be forgotten. but your own words about yourself - never.

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love yourself

you are one in the whole universe. you are special. you are unique. you are you. you will never be anybody but yourself. you. you are the key word in your own world of chaos. you are the centre of your own space.

learn to love yourself because it's all you will ever truly have.