Since the last article was so much fun I decided to write another one. I am an absolute junkie, concerning tv shows sooo...This is the 20 Questions TV Shows Tag. Wow,that is hell of a title. Okay, let´s start.

1. Favorite tv show
Pretty Little Liars
As much as the series finale disappointed me,it´ll always be one of my favourites. I just love it with all my heart: the mystery, the drama,the love,the friendship.

2. Tv show that you're ashamed to admit you watch:
Soy Luna.
It´s an argentinian telenovela and I love it.

3. Favorite character of a tv show:
a) Spencer Hastings ( Pretty Little Liars ):
Spencer was the first character I ever felt such a strong connection with. I guess it was because she is terrifyingly smart, has a very dry humour and is just the person that questions everything,it really drew me to her.And, of course, her immense
strenght. I see a lot of her in myself and also I´m Team Spoby forever<3

b) Alex Danvers ( Supergirl )
I can´t explain the love I have for Alex Danvers. She is a badass special agent and fights aliens. Also, she´s a total nerd, a perfect big sister and such a cute little gay bean. As I am a big sister, Alex always is a huge inspiration on that field. She is a scientist, very smart, very funny, very badass. And then the romance comes into play and melts my heart. There´s just the aspect of a character that you love so dearly realizing who they are and being in love, fully and in that head-over-heels way that makes me cry in happiness. No kidding. Love Alex Danvers!

4. Tv show that you thought you wouldn't like and in the end you liked:
The Originals.
My best friend was always talking about it and how good it was and I was,frankly said, just annoyed and bored. Then she showed me the pilot and I started liking the characters. I have to mention at this point,that I didn´t watch TVD ( Shame on meeee) so everything was new and exiting for me.

5. Character of a tv show that you don't like anything:
Aaaaahm...Dolores Umbridge? Ok, I know that doesn´t count. I just don´t want to waste my time on hating.

6. TV show in which you would live:
I guess Shadowhunters but only because I want to be a shadowhunter. I mean, if I can´t be a wizard...

7. Tv show of your childhood:
My friends actually always say that I didn´t really have a childhood because I didn´t watch their childhood shows and was outside playing. But I watched Bibi&Tina, Der kleine Maulwurf and Nu Pagadi. Yeah, you all don´t now these.

8. Crush of a tv show:
Ahm...I don´t really develop crushes on tv characters, I just ship them, so I can´t ship them with me. Understandable? But Toby Cavanaugh( Pretty Little Liars) and Harvy Spector( Suits) are both hot.

9. Have you had any songs from a ringtone opening?
No,but that´s a good idea.

10. If you could play any character on a tv show, who would it be?
Spencer Hastings. She´s so frickin´cooool.

11. Did you carry photos of tv shows in your folder?
Folder,like school? Not photos, but I always draw stuff from my fandoms everywhere. And screenshots,lockscreen,..

12. Which tv show do you think is most overrated ?
The Vampire Diaries. Although I tried watching it I couldn´t continue after some time. This was due to a lack of time and just the fact that it wasn´t catchy enough for me to keep watching,oh wow somebody died, oh wow you´ve got another guy goofing at you because you`re so perfect, Elena! And I hate love triangles, 90% of them only exist because the creator wanted to create some drama and extra heartbreak. I didn´t realize I disliked it so much till this point.

13. Favorite antagonistic character of a tv show:
Mona Vanderwaal from Pretty Little Liars.
Monastill manages to keeps me fascinated because you never know if she´s a freind now or not. She´s just so sneaky and smart and she has the abilities to trick us all.

14. Tv show that everyone likes but you do not:
The Vampire Diaries: as I said, didn´t watch it ,but it annoys me.
Yeah,that´s it, if I don´t like a tv show,I don´t watch it, so I can´t tell.

15. The best end of a tv show:
NOT Pretty Little Liars, I´m still mad.
I don´t know, most of my shows are still running.

16. The best pilot of a tv show:
Suits pilot was very good. And I liked the PLL pilot.
And Riverdale was cool,too.

17. Have you seen a tv show several times?
Pretty Little Liars, H2O, Suits. Grey´s Anatomy( old episodes)

18. Tv shows that you need to see:
Legends of Tomorrow- I watch the other DC shows so I´d be nice to see what this one is about. And I loved Sara Lance on Arrow.
Glee - I love musicals and some actors I know were on Glee. Now I wanna watch Glee very badly.

(Eye Witness
Iron Fist
Reign ( Lol, started this already))

19.Favorite relationship
Spencer and Toby ( Pretty Little Liars ) - my first real OTP,the obsessive kind
Alex and Maggie ( Supergirl ) - current OTP, got me into gay ships,
Lexie and Mark ( Grey´s Anatomy )
Mike and Rachel / Donna and Harvey ( Suits )
Ambar and Simón ( Soy Luna )
I could go on forever just let me say that I love these pairings passionately.

20. Best opening
Pretty Little Liars. It´s just a good song and everytime I hear it I get bubbly and nostalgic. Love it<3

Okay, I hope I didn´t bore you or insult you and your favourite tv show. If I did, can´t help it, I just didn´t like it.

Hope you all have a wonderful day<3.