I am a leo, when I fall for you i fall in deeply and passionate. You will be running through my head days and nights. I will dream about you, I will love you on and on.
Leos like to show the world the person they love like me writing about you right now. There's a guy, two years older than me. I find him attractive in every way. His smile, his freckles, his sharp jawline, the way his voice goes through my ears. I don't know a lot about him because he's not so open as a person.
He lives 30 minutes away from me, we went to the cinema together once.
I don't think he something special for me like i do for him. I wish i could repeat our " date " all over again, it was beautiful, simple and romantic. I really want to meet him more times but i don't have the guts to ask. Iv'e asked before but i guess he was busy with his partying and friends.

I think about him a lot, just another hopeless crush on a guy who will never love me back