just wanted 2 share sum hearts of places i really want to go one day hope u like it !!


japan, aesthetic, and street image lavender image japan and asia image flowers, japan, and aesthetic image


india, taj mahal, and place image city, mosque, and travel image party, colors, and fun image india image

i've been to crete and mykonos, but i'd love go to santorini and athens.

travel, Greece, and holiday image flowers, sea, and Greece image acropolis, Athens, and Greece image travel image

new york

city, pale, and indie image Image removed Brooklyn, manhattan, and Manhattan Bridge image train, tumblr, and grunge image


grunge, water, and people image nature, sky, and clouds image beauty, iceland, and river image water, nature, and grunge image


italy, rome, and architecture image beautiful, rome, and cute image aesthetic, chic, and gondola image italy, sea, and beach image


green, nature, and aesthetic image beach, hawaii, and Island image nature, wanderlust, and adventure image beach, explore, and inspiration image


paris, travel, and france image aesthetic, beige, and building image paris, tumblr, and city image paris, france, and travel image


Flagged For Review aesthetic, asia, and china image theme image asia image

oh gOd i took me forever to find all those hearts, but thanks 4 reading luv u and i knOW that the pics don't match yieks sry about that