With the dry burn in my lungs,
I'm trying to pick up the crumbs.
The broken pieces of me,
That you left there carefree.
And while I wept,
With other girls you slept.
And as I felt a blade to the chest,
I remember all of the lies you not once confessed.
I sat broken.
For you were my lucky token.
To you I was a toy,
And to me you were a fuck boy.
Not wanting to move on,
You were already gone.
I put up walls,
With a maze that looks like endless halls.
I was lost in my mind,
Wondering why I was left behind.
I have a disease.
Don't run away like the others, please?
I'm stuck in my head,
And inside I feel dead.
I'm locked far away,
Where there is no gray.
I lost part of me to him,
And part of my life became so grim.
You left me there like the next meal,
And I was worried I'd never heal.
Why did you have to be so evil?
I became two different people.
I denied every emotion and feeling,
By making my arms unappealing.
As I pained a smile,
The light left my eyes for awhile.
You destroyed every last piece of me,
Like being with you had it's fee.
I wish I just would've seen,
But I was just a dumb teen.
Of course you took advantage of that,
My heart you chipped away at.
Left me with nothing,
Except a heart that's gushing.
And what's sad,
You broke me in half bad.
You let me fall in the black pit,
Because you didn't give a shit.