It's easy to say it. It's the easiest thing in the world.
"Life is purposeless."
Man has been spending millions of years exploring,wondering,writing,declaring,changing,discovering, and yet you may find yourself saying that life is purposeless.
And most of us are only 17,18,19 or even 25. Or even more.
And that's a tough spot to be in. Because you have your whole life awaiting for you and you're located in that miserable spot where you have all the options in the world but don't want to do anything.
Well I was there. And ultimately I guess this is growing up (any Blink-182 fans here?) and getting to decide your future is one tough task.
But I don't wanna see it as a "task" or a "job".
Let's call it exploring.
I just try to keep this in mind: just like my past wasn't static, that's how my future's gonna be as well. Nothing's final.
I sure as hell don't want to live a life where my only worry is what kind of shoes are gonna match my outfit today, or what features my new phone's gonna have.
Sure,you and me know that we live in a materialistic society and we can't change this from one day to another, but what we CAN do is search a little deeper. Just find something that will make the slightest change in the world.
OUR world.
And maybe in that deep place, you will also find the answer you were looking for.