hello hearters <3 today i'd like to share with you a lot of meaningfull songs for me. Those that fill my days.Those that have been accompanying me for years and those I have just discovered. (sorry if there are some errors but i'm from italy so enlgish isn't my native language)
again i hope you'll find something you like <3.

1) 505 arctic monkeys
the song that made me know about that wonderful band which then became my favorite of all time.

-lyrics excerpt

arctic monkeys, alex turner, and 505 image Image by Girl So Pale

2) the a team, ed sheeran
what to say about him? he is my favorite singer since many years and this song is very important for me, first of all because it was the first i heard by him

-lyrics excerpt

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3) tears dry on their own, amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse, music, and Lyrics image
amy, winehouse, and tears dry on their own image

4)heavy, linkin park

easel, heavy, and Lyrics image heavy, linkin park, and kiiara image

5) how to save a life, the fray
I think this is one of my favorite songs ever, since I started to be big enough to understand music

-lyrics excerpt

anime, friendship, and the fray image Lyrics, the fray, and music image cool, music, and quote image

6)hungry heart, bruce springsteen
Since my father gave me his old turntable, I started to love the old music too and i can say it's the best

-lyrics excerpt

heart and hungry image bruce springsteen, lyric, and poetry image

7)say you won't let go, james arthur

life, Lyrics, and music image quote, song, and james arthur image

8)james morrison, broken strings

Lyrics, train, and too late image desperate, feelings, and hurt image

9)jaymes young,feel something

So love me now or let me go
Let me feel these highs and lows
Before the doors to my heart close
So if you're gonna stay, then stay
But if you're gonna go
Make sure that you hurt me just enough to
Make me feel something, something

10)issues, julia michaels

quotes, issues, and Lyrics image background, blue, and issues image background, blue, and issues image

11)kaleo, way down we go*

'Cause they will run you down, down til the dark
Yes and they will run you down, down til you fall
And they will run you down, down til you go
Yeah so you can't crawl no more
And way down we go

12)layla, smokestacks

You got a downtown fire, like a shot in the dark
You got a mad beamin' on you and a hot wide-eyed spark
I got a body of wonder and an emerald mind
I'm on a luminous heavy to put gold in my eyes

13)the neighbourhood, let it go

grunge, let it go, and music image quotes, art, and words image purple image

14)lord huron, the night we met

back, MET, and black image
clay, ghost, and hannah image

15) mardy bum,arctic monkeys

arctic monkeys, alex turner, and am image

16) lady gaga, million reasons

jana, Lyrics, and random image jana, random, and lockscreen image

17) reforget,lauv

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18) sweather weather, the neighbourhood

indie, Lyrics, and music image amour, black and white, and broken image

19) the script, broken arrow

breakup, laugh, and live image

20)what goes around comes around, justin timeblake

gif, justin timberlake, and what goes around comes around image

21)wild world, cat stevens

skins, cassie, and wild world image cat stevens, depressed, and lyric image