people often ask me what is my ideal style and what serves as an inspiration to my outfits. my ideal style is made up of several styles that i really love:

1. business casual

its probably my favorite because it fits my personality the best. i love the way its kind of business and kind of not so you can go to school or to a meeting and still enjoy yourself and have fun.

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2. rock style

sometimes i go for edgy. not very school appropriate, but screw the rules. band shirts and ripped jeans are bae.

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3. trend style

sometimes i just follow the trends. its easy because you know what to wear and looks amazing. i'll be honest i'm not a very mainstream person and i dont always follow trends, but lately i've been liking them more.

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anyways now you sort of have an idea of how i dress haha! hope this somehow helps and maybe gives inspiration! if you have questions or just wanna talk, below !


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