Sometimes it's hard to be confident, here are some tips to help you to boost your style confidence.

1. Dress your best

Be confident and start to dress the way you'we always wanted to. Change your style slowly towards your best-dressed self. Think about what you love the most about yourself and base your style around those features. Wearing what you feel good in, boosts your confidence.

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2. Wear the clothes that feel good.
As long as your clothes make you feel amazing, it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. Focus on good fitting clothes. If the clothes are too tight, the wrong color or don't fit, don't wear or buy them.
If you are uncertain about the outfit, you won't feel confident.

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3. Create a uniform
It's good to have an outfit you can just throw on and go.
It saves you from stressing and on days you don't feel like dressing up.

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4. Plan Ahead

It takes time to put together a great outfit. Take your time to try things on.

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Get inspired and find your style confidence.

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