here we go again, this is a list of things i am grateful for

btw some of them are wider topics than others


i mean the world would literally not go around without them, i am now going to show you pictures of my favorite animals


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i mean look at those adorable lions how could you not,,, i am slighty biased cause my star sign is a leo but idc
animal animal


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they are just too beautiful, and yes i go in riding and i dearly enjoy it
animal animal


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if you read my day 1 than you already know i want a corgi named potato
Superthumb adorable

of course i love cats and really any animal you can name but i dont want to waste your precious time

pooh bear

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yes, i love winnie the pooh

i dont even know how to explain it, he brings me such peaceful joy and makes me feel like everythings okey. His love for hunny (yes i just spelled it like that) is so adorable and his friends are the cutest, even rabbit

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watching winnie the pooh just makes me oh so very happy and i am so greatful for its existence

day disney
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disney Superthumb


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christmas is just such a beautiful holiday filled with joy and i do not understand why you would not enjoy it.

christmas christmas book christmas

it's cold so you can wear sweaters and wrap yourself in blankets, you can make an endless supply of christmas cookies and eat so many candy canes you die of a sugar overdose. There are tons and tons of christmas movies and music and you can never really have a dull day. before i make this paragraph a mile long i am going to stop.

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this is a short one too but tea, i dont think i have to say anymore, just tea

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this is gonna be kinda short but i love rain, it makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful and is one of my favorite sounds

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i dont really know what else to write about so im going to stop there. you see i didnt write about my family or friends, dont get me wrong but i wanted something different and non cheesy. i know you really do not know what you have until you lose it trust me, i lost someone i might have known i would lose because of their illness but i just wasnt ready. but before i start talking about deep shit i am going to end this on a great quote like normal

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"lets meet again,

but for now, goodbye"
- rainymari