I'm back from our epic road trip through Croatia, and it has been such an amazing, life-changing experience. I love places that make you realise how tiny you and your problems are.

Swim in the sea, drive all night, count the stars, find true love, get really drunk. ♥

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Adventure time!

During our trip, I found myself worrying about the risks we were taking. Why did I feel so anxious? Well, it turns out our brain is programmed to stop us from doing anything new and uncertain. This is exactly why we consistently stop ourselves from doing what we really want to be doing. With every little decision we make, we can easily fall into a thinking trap that leads us to procrastinate. Ever felt like your own self-doubt was holding you back? Well, it probably was. Nothing we can't fix, though!

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Plitvička Jezera, definitely one of the highlights of our whole trip. We actually followed directions from an online review to get to this viewpoint. It was absolutely stunning!

In order to get out of my own way and start creating positive change in my own life, I've decided to get back into the habit of planning out exactly what I want my days to look like, changing up my routines. I'm also going to jot down my goals for the rest of this year, next year, and in three years from now. It just feels so good to have that clear vision of where I want to go with my life and what things I really want to spend my time and attention on.


  • Carry a notebook at all times
  • Seek for opportunity, instead of focusing on problems
  • Make a mission statement for myself
  • Upgrade my living space with lots of inspirational items
  • Get rid of anything I haven't used in the last 6 months
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Kalyn Nicholson is seriously like a life coach to me. I love her videos!


  • Set out time every day to tap into my creative intuition and desire to create
  • Work out my ideas into actionable steps
  • Share my content online and build an audience on different social media
  • Seek positive collaborations
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Coffee, a place to take notes and my Macbook. Is all I need.

Personal Growth/Development

  • Seriously, make healthier decisions
  • Get out more often
  • Think less, act more
  • Learn to cook various proper meals and make dinner at least 4/5 times a week
  • Exercise regularly, make daily work-out routines
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  • Accept everyone the way they are
  • Be a positive, inspirational person
  • Share my appreciation for others
  • Stop letting anxious thoughts get the better of me
  • Get involved in more social activities, there is always something I can learn from someone else

Hope you got some fun ideas out of that! This kind of stuff really helps me clear my mind, relax and start following my passion, step by step. If you enjoyed this article, please let me know by giving it a heart or following me on WHI. 'Till next time!

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