phone, not bc of the social networks or other apps but bc I feel if I have it I'm safer than without it, any trouble/situation I'm in.

clothes, especially cozy warm clothes, I'm not gonna explain the reason why, I mean, 99% of the population needs to be covered by clothes to feel comfortable.

sound, any sound it is, I need to hear something or I'm going to act crazy

food, again, you don't need the reason, we need food to live and to live good we need mostly vegetables and fruit

family, I'm afraid to be alone somewhere in the world even if it's my house. maybe it's because I live in a quite big dark house and with big curtains that cover all the light coming in from outside, I don't know but even if in the future I'll live in a little house somewhere in the world I like but I don't know, I want to be with someone day and night, I need to build a family anywhere I go

money, seriously, I'll be honest, I can't live without money because I wouldn't know what to do to make some and I'm definitely not the type of girl who stands up in the middle of a random square to do something crazy. Everybody needs money in these days, anything costs, you need money for food, for clothes, even for making more money tho

house, a place I know where to go to in any situation, a place that doesn't change, a place where to build a family, where to live forever, where to take pictures and build important memories that last forever.

time, I need time, I need to know the time, I want to grow old and I'd hate a life like "the age of Adeline"'s life

Well, I guess this wasn't everything but I can't think about anything else at the moment.

Thank you for reading until this point xx