Who are you? No, I don’t mean what your name is, where you live or what you do. I mean who are YOU? It seems such an easy question, yet the answer is something that some learn for a lifetime. One thing is for sure, the more positive you are, the happier you will be.

First of all, you might have noticed the voice inside your head that keeps talking all day long. Well, that is just not real. Your ‘inner voice’ is actually what sets your limits. It also causes panic attacks, stress, jealousy or even worse. If you just stop for a minute, and try to clear your mind, you will probably fail. The voice inside your head keeps telling something, trying to find a reason to stop the conversation.

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Let’s look at an example: You see a nice necklace, you want to buy it, yet you find the price too high for such a thing, so you think you don’t even like it or it is not worth it. Your mind starts a conversation about pros and cons, so you cannot really decide what to do. However, if you do realize that your mind is messing with you, you can make it stop.

If you do not allow your ‘inner voice’ to take over control, if you catch it right before the act, you will realize how strong and powerful you really are. That’s the same after a break up. You keep chasing yourself with the thought that he must have found someone better, so you try to pretend that you don’t love him anymore, to make the pain stop. Actually, that’s the worst you can do. I did it myself too, and it caused serious damage in my heart. Then I found out about this method of letting negative thoughts and feelings go together with my inner voice. Try to be conscious and concentrate. Just try it as soon as you feel something bad coming, something that might cause stress or harm your soul.

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Once you have realized, that your inner voice starts to speak, you can make it stop by letting it go. Take a deep breath, and let go of everything. It is something that works well for me, so I did find my power. I felt so powerful, strong and unstoppable like never before. I do not let that voice take over control my emotions, nor should you.

If you are interested in the topic, I truly suggest you reading the book of Michael A. Singer - The untethered soul the journey beyond yourself

Martina Teilinger