Hi everyone!
Today I'm going to tell you how to take pretty notes for you school stuff.
At first of all I wanna tell you that English is not my mother tongue (if you're wondering what my mother tongue is: it is German well actually the Austria dialect)

Let us begin

1. pen
A good pen is one of the most important things when you are trying to take pretty notes. There are so many pens you could buy my tip is to try out which one you like the most. I personally prefer gel pens but this is just my opinion

college and pen image
here are some different types of pens

2. handwriting
Also a very important point is your handwriting. If you don't like your handwriting I would recommend a 66-day-handwriting-challenge (you don't have to do it 66 days long do it as long until you like your handwriting)
Take a sheet of paper and write every letter of the alphabet in upper- and lower case letters. Once you did this write every day the sentence 'the quick brown fog jumps over the lazy dog' (this sentence has all 26 letters of the alphabet in it.

black, favorite, and quote image
just an example

3. different fonts
In my opinion are different fonts are the key to pretty notes. To get inspired look at some pictures with fonts you like and then try to recreate them. If you want to get better in this font you like you can do the writing-challenge again.

calligraphy, gradient, and orange image
here you can see the different fonts

4. banners
To make your notes more interesting you could also use banners. There are many different types of banners all over the internet.

school, notebook, and banners image
different types of banners

5. colours
The last point are colours or highlighters. I personally prefer a colour-code-system. E.g. Maths: Lets see: definition=yellow; results=blue
3*3+2=11 def: dot before stroke!
I choose the colour yellow for definitions. Now I have to highlight the sentence 'dot before stroke' in yellow and then I do the same with the number 11 the only difference is that I am going to take the colour blue because I choose blue for results.

college school

Thanks for reading I hope I could help you