I feel like there aren't enough people in this world who feel beautiful. I figured I could share my list of things that help me feel that way.

-The first being, tell yourself every day! It helps just saying it. Think of it like your new motto. I am beautiful!

-Eat right! The foods you eat play a big role in how you feel. It's okay to eat sweets everyone once in a while but remember veggies are good for you too.

-Be active! I know this can be difficult though. Trust me, I am an anxiety-filled teenage girl. I totally understand! If all you can do it stretch in your bedroom though that is still good!

-Remove the toxic things from your life! This can mean people too! I understand you love your best friend and want to give her another chance but does she feel the same way about you?

-Surround yourself with positive people! Beauty is also about your attitude and if all the people around you are negative you may view everything in that light.

-What others say doesn't matter! If you like wearing your yellow sweater with neon orange shorts, do it! The only one whose opinion matters is your own when it comes to how you look.

-Dress up for fun! Sometimes just wearing a dress and some makeup can make you feel better. You don't need it but sometimes it is just fun to wear!

I hope these help you! They help me and I just hope things get better!