It is night time, and I'm listening to Billie Marten and her lyrical songs.
I read once again through Alain Delon's letter to Romy Schneider, and I weep a little, both starting the letter and ending it.
Oh, how beautiful it is, the way the heart just bleeds on paper. It's so beautiful. Yes, it was only a translated version, because the original is in French I think, but there's something about the mere combination of words that can make you feel exactly what is needed to be felt.
"And then I fell madly in love with you. And you fell in love with me."
“Who fell in love the first, you or me?”. We counted ‘One, two, three! “And we answered:” Neither you nor I! Together.“
It is the most heartfelt thing I have ever read, and I will cherish it til the day I die.
I often think about how my love will be. Having not had my first kiss yet, or my first boyfriend, I always wonder when I will be able to share the space of my heart with someone else. You know? They wouldn't be filling a 'void' necessarily, but instead my heart would grow and flourish and become a cozy and warm home for the both of us.
I don't know where I went with all of that, but really I just wanted to somehow express the beauty and youth of Alain Delon and Romy Schneider's love.
I don't think I will ever let go of this magic.