You wished me happy birthday. The way you said it, it seemed different from the others. I don't know why, but it meant the world to me when you said it. It was probably nothing to you anyway.


We were friends. You made up cute names for me and I found it adorable. You told me I was cute and I felt the word 'warmth' in my heart. Was I falling for you.?


You made me laugh all the damn time. Staying around you made me happy, you were like a happy virus. We were like the same person, in different bodies, and we shared the most vulnerable parts of our soul to each other.


We talked for hours, we were inseperable. We were like lost souls, from the same star. But darling, you and I both know we aren't. We were different, our souls were different, we were neutral. You were fixed and I'm still shattered into pieces.


You were always on my mind. I'm scared to admit, but I knew I've fallen for you. You would say that there's nothing to be scared of, but hell, what would happen if a writer falls in love with a writer.?

-Who's gonna break the other's heart first.?