Good morning! Now is 9 am and I decided to write here, because when I saw this perfect weather outside I felt motivated enough to open my blog and start writing. In last post I promised that this one will be about mental self care. This type of self care might be one of the hardest. Because controlling your emotions is easier than controlling your minds and your psychological state.

''If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete''
- Jack Kornfield

On internet you can find billions of tips, examples and advice of how to help yourself with this kind of situation. So mine won't be any special, just a few tips which you could try to use if you want.

Read a book. Reading a book always been a thing that will relax minds and even might help to fall asleep. Also it can also change your opinion about others, because in books there are millions of characters with different thinking, so that might help to expand your outlook.
Learn a new skill. Trying new things might be a good opportunity to spend your free time usefully. Because lets admit that nowadays most of us complain that we have nothing to do..
Drawing. Well, about this there is nothing much to tell. Only one thing that everybody knows. Drawing is like a therapy so don't be afraid if you can't draw like a Van Gogh, just put all your minds in it and you will feel a lot better than before.
Do a DIY project. This one is interesting. Because, every time you will do it, DIY will distract your minds from all your problems and you will be concentrated only on the thing you are doing.
Color. Coloring is almost like drawing and doing a DIY. Great opportunity to relax and concentrate on it. There are various types of coloring therapy so you should try few.
Turn your phone off. Okay, as much as I don't like to say that, but we need to put our phones away. I mean not for all day, but at least for an hour or 30 minutes, it doesn't matter. But, form time to time we all need to run away from all the social media and just let our minds relax from all that pressure social media gives us. I am doing this and it really gives me good vibes and trust me I'm not disappointed.
And once again I hope it will be useful for you as it is for me. Enjoy the autumn and see you in the next post!